Clip Learning
CoolThink game room:Globetrotting

Everyone is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to travel again.

CoolThink game room:Sliding Puzzle

Have you ever played with a sliding puzzle? You can make one at home and choose your favourite graphic. Follow the steps in the video to create your own version and learn about computational thinking concepts at the same time!

Mini Parachute + Rocket
CoolThink Game Room:Mini Parachute + Rocket

Making mini parachutes and rockets can help us learn more about the characteristics of air and computational thinking concepts. While doing the activities, you can apply computational thinking concepts to create various versions of parachutes and rockets. Let's experiment!

Computational Thinking Concepts: Repetition, Sequences, Variables

Fun Paper Stick
CoolThink game room:Fun Paper Stick

It’s easy to make this paper stick toy. With your creative ideas, you can turn it into many different battle games. Watch the video with your friends and apply the computational thinking concepts to create a unique way of playing with this paper stick.

Computational Thinking Concepts: Conditionals, Sequences, Being Incremental and Iterative

DIY Kaleidoscope
CoolThink game room:DIY Kaleidoscope

Looking through a kaleidoscope is fascinating. Making a homemade kaleidoscope is not that difficult. You can learn computational concepts while making one. Start the video and build your own version.

***Computational Thinking Concepts: Sequences, Variables, Testing and Debugging

Upcycled Pinwheel
CoolThink game room:Upcycled Pinwheel

Do you use a lot of scratch paper? Follow this video's instructions and upcycle the scratch paper into a pinwheel to help protect the environment.

Computational Thinking Concepts: Sequences, Repetition, Variables

JC Play with Kids - Summer Game
CoolThink@JC Play with Kids - Summer Game

In this hot summer, let’s create our own board game by using checked paper and colour pencils and play with our friends in an air-conditioned room. We can also learn some computational thinking concepts throughout the process! Play the video and learn it right now!

***Computational Thinking Concepts: Events, Operator, Variables

Magical Milk Art
CoolThink@JC Play with Kids - Magical Milk Art

Can we use milk to create a moving painting? Yes we can! By adding some food colouring and one more secret ingredient to milk, we can create an eye-catching painting. Watch the video to find out the secret ingredient, and learn about computational concepts throughout the painting process.

***Computational Thinking Concepts: Events, Sequences, Variables

Spider on Water
CoolThink@JC Play with Kids - Spider on Water

How can spiders walk on water? We can make our own spider flow on top of water using whiteboard markers, aluminium foil and water. If you would like to turn it into a fun game, play the video now to see how to do it and learn about the computational concepts involved.

***Computational Thinking Concepts: Sequences, Parallelism, Testing and Debugging

Water Spinning Flower
CoolThink@JC Play With Kids - Water Spinning Flower

Let’s celebrate Father’s Day with your beloved daddy by using computational thinking concepts in this game. Follow the instructions by making your own water spinning flower. Want to win this game? It’s time to test your creativity. Start the game by playing the video now!

***Computational Thinking Concepts: Variables, Repetition, Testing and Debugging

CoolThink@JC Play with Kids - Volcanic Eruption

You can use water, vinegar and baking soda to create a mini volcanic eruption at home. While making the simulated volcano, you can learn computational thinking concepts. Watch the video with your family, and enjoy the astonishing volcanic eruption moment together!

***Computational Thinking Concepts: Events, Sequences, Conditionals